It’s Just a Matter of Time before We See Tebow Time Again

Tebow fans have been asking the Jets to “Free Tebow” ever since the season ended. Well…he’s free. Now what? Jacksonville doesn’t want him (boo!). Indoor teams are making insulting offers (c’mon Omaha Beef). And yet there are still a lot … Continued

$1500 for Number 15

It’s been a bit quiet around BEL15VER headquarters this summer since Tebow got traded. However, we do have a few notable things to share. After the trade, we decided to continue the BEL15VER campaign with a New York twist. We … Continued

Farewell Tim, You’ll Always Have Fans in Denver

Dear Tim: First of all, thank you. Thank you for bringing excitement back to the Denver Broncos and for all that you’ve done to represent the city of Denver. You’ve made believers out of so many Broncos fans and brought … Continued

We’re on a mission.

The Broncos are on a mission to win another playoff game this week. We’re on a mission to rally 15,000 fans on facebook in support of the team. All you have to do is like the facebook page and tell … Continued

It’s not just about Tebow.

Tebow is the face of the Broncos whether you like it or not. He’s made the Broncos relevant again. So, yes, the “15” is for Tebow, but it’s also for taking the game quarter by quarter–15 minutes at a time–especially … Continued

Okay. Okay.

So the Broncos haven’t given us much to believe in lately. But, they are in the playoffs and as fans we have every right to believe in a win Sunday against the injury-plagued Steelers. Stranger things have happened right? If … Continued