Farewell Tim, You’ll Always Have Fans in Denver

Dear Tim:

First of all, thank you. Thank you for bringing excitement back to the Denver Broncos and for all that you’ve done to represent the city of Denver. You’ve made believers out of so many Broncos fans and brought your own style of Mile High Magic. It was fun to watch!

You brought a lot of fans with you from Florida and you’ll take many of them with you to New York. For me, the Broncos will always be my team, but you’ve made me a life long BEL15VER and I’ll continue to root for you no matter where you go. I look forward to seeing what kind of magic you can bring to your new team and will continue to rally those that believe in what you do on and off the field.

Farewell, good luck and God bless!

7 Responses to “Farewell Tim, You’ll Always Have Fans in Denver”

  1. Hugo amparan

    Tim you inspired me! I’ve always been a bronco but you brought me closer to this team. I’ll be following you and chearing for you!!! I know God has a wise plan for you and you’ll continue to be blessed and bless people arround you. The jets are fortunate to have you as a person and a player. I’ll be looking forward on watching you play!!! GB2

  2. Michelle

    Thanks Tim for all you’ve done for the broncos and the fans. You made it exciting to watch games again. I know you’ll do great wherever you go even new York! Take care and God bless!

  3. Sandra

    I’m sorry for you that Tebow is leaving Denver but so glad he is coming to the east Coast. We need him out here and he is a man of GOD and he knows that his life is GOD”s hands and he will be ok! I became a Broncos fan and now i will root for the JETS! GOOOOO TEBOW

  4. Loretta

    I have been a Bronco fan all my life and always will be, although I am sad to see Tebow leave, I know he will do amazing things wherever he goes. God is always in control!! I’m a BEL15VER for life.

  5. Lolri

    Tim, what happened here is Denver is something I’m not proud of – the way you were treated is horrible. As a Denver native and 40+ year Bronco fan, I apologize. You brought the life back to this team and I was excited about watching football again because of you. Now that you’re gone, the light has gone out again for me, so I will be following you as a Jet. I know your career will soar to the heights our Lord intends for it to. You are an inspiration and a man of honor – I can’t say that about certain men in the Bronco Organization. You will shine and this your trade will go down as the biggest blunder in NFL history. I’m so sad that you’re not in my backyard anymore, but you will always be in my heart. TEAM TEBOw! God Bless you.


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