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Tebow fans have been asking the Jets to “Free Tebow” ever since the season ended. Well…he’s free. Now what? Jacksonville doesn’t want him (boo!). Indoor teams are making insulting offers (c’mon Omaha Beef). And yet there are still a lot of supporters out there saying he can be a difference maker for an NFL team.

I think it’s just a matter of time before we see Tebow back in the NFL. Maybe it won’t be this year now that most team’s have a full QB roster, but there are plenty of bad QB’s in the league. Even if you think Tebow is one of them, he still finds a way to win and that’s what makes him exciting. He just needs to find a team that isn’t afraid of the circus! And perhaps New England’s anti-media, no-nonsense culture is the perfect place!

Do you still believe?

bel15ver-avitar-250x250What do you think? Will Tebow make it back to an NFL team? If you BEL15VE, show your support with this BEL15VER avitar on your favorite social media site.